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© Franziska Stuhr

I am a theatre director from Hamburg.  

I studied directing at the Otto Falckenberg Schule in Munich as well as European Literature at the University of Mainz.

I went on to become an assistant director at Thalia Theater in Hamburg, where I've worked alongside Simon Stephens, Sebastian Nübling and Christopher Rüping.  

As a freelance director, I've worked at Theater Bielefeld, Neues Theater Halle, Theater Konstanz and Thalia Theater, mainly producing adaptations of novels by writers such as Julian Barnes, Leonard Cohen, Heinrich Böll, Anna Seghers or Joseph Heller. 

I frequently collaborate with stage designer Thilo Ullrich and composer Philipp Koelges, actor Vincent zur Linden, performer and actor Henrike Commichau as well as dramaturg Jessica Pollnau.

In 2021 Jonas Schönfeldt and I co-founded DRAMA - Magazin für szenische Literatur.

Since the beginning of the 2022 summer term, I've worked at Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf as lecturer at the Department of Anglophone Literatures & Literary Translation. 

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